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New Chapter for Sonix

New Chapter for Sonix

meet Robert “Ryker” Rose, Agent of G.U.N. As a child, Robert grew up being trained with a bow and arrow by his mother, having mastered archery at such a young age. 10 years ago, Robert’s mother is killed during a military insurgence, which involved the test reveal of a prototype weapon created by the Monarchy of Soleanna. After being orphaned, he was taken in by his uncle’s family, where he lived with his cousin, Amy Rose. Even though he has a new family, Robert finds his daily life mundane, grinding through the years until one day he can accomplish his goal of joining the military. When he reaches the age of 19, Robert leaves home and casts away his old name, adopting the new identity of “Ryker” and bleaching his fur for a new appearance. Because of his previous mastery in archery as a child, it wasn’t difficult for him to translate his abilities into marksmanship, proving his worth with a gun. His potential is seen and he is enlisted by G.U.N, becoming a valued asset in the organization despite being a Mobian. He is currently designated to Prison Island, where he is a one-man security defense system armed with a sniper rifle.robert__ryker__rose__agent_of_g_u_n__by_cylent_nite-d6j2j76


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